New Dimensions School of Hair Design

NACCAS Annual Report

NACCAS Annual Report 2018

Number of students scheduled to complete: 25

Number of students from the above who actually completed as of submission of annual report: 15

Number of students who were eligible for employment: 15

Number of eligible students employed in the field for which they were trained: 14

Number of students who took their last required portion of the licensing exam for the first time: 15

Number of students who passed all portions of licensing exam by annual report submission: 14

Length of longest NACCAS approved program taught in 2017 or 2018, in weeks: 75

Completion rate: 60.00% MEETS REQUIREMENTS

Placement rate: 93.33% MEETS REQUIREMENTS

Licensure rate: 93.33% MEETS REQUIREMENTS

These numbers reflect the data required by NACCAS, our accrediting agency, to be posted for public viewing for potential students, etc.

This data is from New Dimensions School of Hair Design, Joplin, MO

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